HACKER (Haker)
„The Hacker” is an action comedy laid in young subculture and based in the circles of Warsaw Internet freaks. Two main characters of the movie are two friends Marcin (Bartosz Obuchowicz) and Turbo (Piotr Miazga), who both love computers, fast cars and good movies. They both know nearly everything about Internet, still it’s Marcin who is a real PC genius. Turbo is a young playboy and dreams of winning the favor of beautiful Laura (Katarzyna Smutniak), Marcin’s school mate. Marcin is a full of complexes orphan, who knows nearly everything about computers and close to nothing – about the girls. Turbo asks Marcin to help Laura to pass maths finals – in a quite unconventional way. Marcin meets Laura and falls in love at the first sight. Cynical Turbo takes advantage of the situation and gets Marcin involved in his own dirty hacker business. But it’s only the beginning of the problems the young trio will have to go through...
Year: 2001
Country: Poland
Directed by: Janusz Zaorski
Bartosz Obuchowicz, Katarzyna Smutniak, Marek Kondrat, Piotr Miazga

Genre: Comedy