SUCKER SEASON (Sezon na leszcza)
Polish movie top star Boguslaw Linda – an action-packed story of a bank robbery gone wrong, where both cops and robbers turn out to be nothing more than suckers Sucker Season is a brilliant action, drama, comedy and road movie in one. 19 year old Baby-doll and her brother 17 year old Joker need some dough for a journey of a lifetime. The only choice they have is to raid a bank. Although the hold up is a success, some things go wrong: they lose Baby-doll’s boy friend, who is „killed in action” and leave some other corpses behind. The police are hunting them so they change the car and get hold of a golden old type mercedes. Only when its too late they realize they are not alone in the vehicle: there is a 3 year old boy napping on the back seat. Who is he, where does he come from ? Baby-doll and Joker can’t go against their conscience and get rid of the little punk. So they keep on escaping with him, which makes things much more complicated. Compassion does not always pay.
Year: 2001
Country: Poland
Directed by: Bogusław Linda
Bogusław Linda, Anna Przybylska, Edyta Olszówka, Gabriel Fleszar

Genre: Action