THE LAST MISSION (Ostatnia misja)
„Last Mission” is an action movie with elements of psychological drama. The main hero, Andrzej Kostynowicz is coming back home after 19 years spent in France. He ran away to the West during martial law in Poland. The film reveals the motives of his escape : he was suspected of denouncing his friends and fiansee, the communist opposition activists. We find out that in France, 20 year old Kostynowicz / Costinovitz / joins the Foreign Legion and later becomes a private detective, which actually is a cover for his real occupation - a professional killer working for French Secret Service. Kostynowicz returns to Poland because he wants to find his ex-fiansee, Anna Konieczna. He is mortally sick, suffering from a brain cancer and he is running out of time to clear accounts with the past. Although the purpose of his visit is utterly private, he gets entangled into a criminal intrigue. Polish police have reasons to regard him as a resident of a Marseilles gang, who is to kill a swindler - banker, Muran. Anna Konie
  • 2000 - Złote Lwy - Best Sound - Piotr Domaradzki
Year: 1999
Country: Poland
Directed by: Wojciech Wójcik
Janusz Gajos, Peter J. Lucas, Mirosław Baka, Piotr Fronczewski

Genre: Action