This simply and a bit criminal tragicomedy shows off that we cannot fight against tricky coincidences... At a little gas-station somewhere in the Western Poland arrives an exclusive limousine. It's a cold freezing day, and man asks for a help and shelter. He turns out to be a hit man who just killed a mob boss and is wounded badly… Two employees of gas-station, Mr. Dymecki and his assistant "Banan" have totally different ideas how to solve this situation. Are they going to choose what to do wisely?
  • 2002 - Orzeł - Najlepszy scenariusz Piotr Wereśniak 2001 - Z?ote Lwy - Nagroda Video Studio Gda?sk - Nagroda Video Studio Gda?sk Najlepszy film komediowy Piotr Were?niak, Najlepsze zdj?cia Marian Prokop, Najlepsza drugoplanowa rola m?ska Bartosz Obuchowicz
Year: 2001
Country: Poland
Directed by: Piotr Wereśniak
Bogusław Linda; Bartosz Obuchowicz; Katarzyna Figura; Zbigniew Zamachowski

Genre: Crime