THE UNDERNEATH (Pod powierzchnią)
PRODUCTION: Barton Film, Gremi Film Production
Piotr feels strange among successful people professing the cult of money and fun, such as Michal, his old friend from school, and Ania, Michal's girlfriend. Piotr spends a weekend with them in their forest cabin, which leads Piotr to discover another part of his personality, which is dark and full of passion. He will hale to solve his internal conflict with his unknown, until now, part of himself. He will hale to defeat the temptations… or surrender to them.
Year: 2006
Country: Poland
Directed by: Marek Gajczak
Zbigniew Kaleta, Beata Kozikowska, Tomasz Karolak, Magdalena Boczarska

Genre: Thriller
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